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Rapid Build Portable Buildings - installed in minutes

Expanding Buildings are probably the most useful temporary and portable structure to have be developed this decade.  Designed, engineered and patented in China, we have spent some years attempting to bring them to Western Standard, and will now use them in our own projects.  

The key benefits of pop up container buildings include:

  • They are installed and/or dismantled in minutes
  • They are ready insulated and wired for power
  • They are freighted as a flat pack allowing multi freight
  • They can be shifted as a raised structure by crane, forklift and flat bed truck, carrying up to 8 ton of internal weight.
  • They can be joined and stacked into small or larger complexes
  • They have a limited number of add-ons to help you make the shed, cabin, office or complex you require.
  • Option of Insulation, White Foam, Pink Foam Cement or Rockwool 
  • Galvanized Painted Steel Frame and Hinges
  • No dangerous or toxic materials.

The 15 Minute Pop Up Container Shelters

Pop Up Buildings Rapid Build by Splash

What is acceptable in China is not necessarily acceptable in Australia or other parts of the Western World.  

Substantial improvements have been made to the original pop up building concept and Chinese factories are keen to produce structures to meet the strictest building codes.  

Note:  Splash is pulling out of retailing structures and will focus on special projects, these are some of the structures we will use in our own developments


Sea Container Buildings

    Sea Container Conversions


 Flat Pack and Expanding

 Flat Pack and Expanding Shelters Australia


Modular Building Structures

Modular Building Structures